Production of plastic packaging bags
for industrial applications

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Production of plastic packaging bags for industrial applications

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High Quality Products

The Plastika Pellas company produces plastic flexible polyethylene (LDPE) packaging for industrial use, applying the EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our company uses high standards raw materials to ensure the regularity of production and the production of excellent products.

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Production line & Facilities

All the products of the company are produced in its own facilities in the 1st km of Giannitsa – Thessaloniki road. The production lines include extruders and cut-off machines, that in combination with the building infrastructure provide ideal production conditions and ensure an excellent product quality.


Best Environmental Practice

With the use of modern recycling units, packaging waste from the production process is almost zero.



PelPlast Products

Plastic packaging bags for industrial applications

Production of standard and custom packaging bags from 100% polyethylene, according to application demands, concerning dimensions, mechanical and chemical properties (UV protection, slip, antistatic properties etc).

Our product range includes:

  • Waste Bags
  • Bags for Canning Industries
  • Bags for storing carpets
  • Ice Bags
  • General use Bags

Bags in Pallet forms

Plastic polyethylene in form of a bag to cover and protect the pallet. They have a variety of features depending on the requirements. It has special features to withstand the sun's rays.

user Packaging Applications

Heat Shrink Palletizing Bag

They can be shrinking with a gun or with an automatic shrinking machine, so they can be fully implemented with the pallet. It is a product with high elasticity which can be shrunk. It has special features to withstand the sun's rays.

user Packaging Applications

Bags for Semi-Dump Bins

Bags applied to semi-dump bins for the collection of municipal waste, used in many European cities. It has special features for strength and elasticity.

user Public Sector

Cotton Ginning Plants Bags

Bags to cover packages of ginned cotton. It has special features to withstand the sun's radiation and protect it from moisture.

user Cotton Ginning

Bags for boxes

They apply inside the plastic box to protect the product. It is produced in various dimensions and thicknesses.

user Agricultural Sector

Sand and Lime bags

Guaranteed that their bottom will not be torn during use. They are mainly used in the construction sector, from stockyards to fill them with sand, gravel, lime or building waste. It yields about 20-22 pieces per kilo, which makes it particularly economical. Ideal for sand, gravel & marble dust transport. Available in parcels of 10 or 20 kg. Available in sizes 31 * 67.

user Construction Works

Mattresses Bag Cover

Transparent polyethylene layer bag provided in single or double layer dimensions. It is used in the layering and storage of large objects.

user Mattresses Production

Construction Waste Bags

Plastic bags of building materials suitable for packing of alkyd flat (simulated) whitewash, gravel, building waste etc. They are made of specially designed films with excellent mechanical resistance to punching, strain and weight.

user Construction works


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